I am Manju

Hello, I am Manju.


I started this beautiful profession a few years ago. I worked as a journalist for a few years in India and started liking Photojournalism. 'A Picture is worth a Thousand Words'  ... I realized that my pictures should describe the story without using too many words and thus my photo journey towards perfect picture began..

My husband Mahesh is extremely supportive in my profession and my guide too. I have twins- a son and a daughter and 3 lovely dogs and I love playing with them and using them as my models :). 

Overcoming difficult light situation and getting an impactful picture is a science as well as art and I feel comfortable in saying that over the years I am confident in handling any kind of light situation. But I know that's not the end.  I enjoy learning everyday finer details.  My favorite style is when natural light is mixed with external lights

I enjoy variety in all my shoots. I like to shoot on various locations and under different light conditions. I like to capture spontaneity, different weather patterns, add a splash of nature, a touch of adventure, excitement and capturing panorama of emotions. 

I enjoy making best of any situation and that makes me feel alive! I like to connect with all kinds of people and cultures.  Without connecting I believe good picture is impossible.

As a Professional Photographer in Dallas Metroplex area, I specialize in  Children and family Portraits,  Arangetram (Dance and stage events),Creative shoots, Women's boutique Photo shoots and Various events. I enjoy shooting weddings too. It consists of all aspects of Photography and I love being part of it.

I love animals tremendously and like to work with them. I have rescued 10 dogs so far. Ask me for special deal if you have rescued any animals. 10% of my profit goes for Animal Rescue group.